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What is epistio?

epistio is a software development company with a main goal of developing a modern software, besides offering design and product development services, which we are highly proud of.

Currently we are providing Software Outsourcing Services for Backend Development,Mobile Development and Web/Frontend Development.

What does epistio mean?

epistio’s name comes from two words: epistemology as a base and the IO shortcut for digital input-output as a suffix.

While doing a research for the name for our company, we came up with the idea of epistio which sums up our strive to explain the interaction between the information and digital world nowadays perfectly. The idea ended up just as we hoped it would, emphatic and catchy, and yet still easy to pronounce.

Which services does epistio offer?

epistio offers a specific range of services including software, design and product development. In addition to these, we will do our best to help you develop your product in the most friendly environment possible.

Who founded epistio?

Onur Genes founded the epistio in order to stabilize and take the freelance jobs to the professional level.

How can we contact you?

You can reach out through the contact form on our website.