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10 Best Newsletters for Developers

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Having programming news and developers' ideas dropping into your inbox every week is underrated. We believe that the newsletter system is an amazing tool for developers and business owners to get themselves included in the industry. Here are our picks for the best-recommended newsletters: 

Web Tools Weekly

When it is about front-end development and you think that you need a better, stronger, faster tool to work with, Web Tools Weekly is there to help you with helping you find exactly what you are looking for. Every week you get a tip, a line of code, and many other resources as a front-end developer to keep you growing.

Dev Weekly

From mobile development to web development and UI/UX design, Vaibhav Kulbe has created an amazing newsletter for a wide range of types of developers. By including a few more articles besides development, his newsletter is one of the best as he keeps the readers updated about the most interesting news in the developers’ world.

IOS Dev Weekly

If you are an IOS developer or engineer, IOS Dev Weekly is one of the best newsletters that you can come across. With an informative introduction to every email, Dave Verwer reels the reader in by presenting a problem and finding a direct solution to it. The link included in the newsletters is about the news, tools, and the pieces of published codes, besides business insights and current open job positions for many types of developers who are more focused on IOS development.

Mobile Dev Weekly

With to-the-point links and the latest news about mobile development, Mobile Dev Weekly does a neat job of finding articles and sharing them with the readers. For those who would not like comments on the articles in the newsletter and would like to reach the links as quickly as possible, this newsletter is just what they are looking for.


Changelog is a project that provides news and podcasts for developers. With different types of topics included in their site, some of the articles about coding are for advanced developers, too. The community on their site is of all people around the world and they write their own articles, which creates a wide range of topics and professionality. The newsletter is for everyone and anyone and is a must for a developer to follow the news. 


With the many different types of newsletters they provide, we believe that you will find the type of Reddit posts that you are looking for. We have explained here why Reddit is an amazing resource for developers and this newsletter backs up exactly what we are talking about. With Tech, Frontend, and Indie Makers newsletters they present, it helps you learn new things from Reddit.


A bi-weekly newsletter that focuses mostly on web design and development news. This newsletter is also more about frontend development and the design side of things, rather than including all types of development, however, we find their content to be highly informative. With the main focus being Three.js, there is more to it and we recommend checking out their site after subscribing to the newsletter.

UI Dev Newsletter

If you are a developer who is more interested in the user interface, this newsletter is exactly what you are looking for. With direct links to the articles from many different sources, this newsletter usually brings CSS tips to you, as well as including little design tips to improve your UI game.


If we are getting specific about programming, Bytes comes into play with their content about JavaScript. As JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages, knowing about the news and tips would be highly useful for programmers. Their newsletters are usually filled with images that break down the serious business look and make it all easier for the readers.

Awesome Kotlin Weekly

Not only for Kotlin, but for all types of Android developers, Awesome Kotlin Weekly is a great newsletter for those who would like to be kept updated about the news and tips. With links to different types of resources, such as articles as well as Youtube videos, we can’t recommend this newsletter enough.


As a team that includes developers who focus on different types of programming, we can easily recommend these newsletters to anyone who is interested even one bit about the industry. If you would like any of your projects done or get a free consultancy, you can contact us.