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Hire a Go Developer: Why, How and What to Expect

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Go is one of the most used back-end languages in the world. The fast and reliable nature is a huge plus for programming.

What is Go?

Go, also known as Golang, is an open-source, statically-typed programming language that was developed by programmers in Google in 2007. It is considered to be a general coding language that is used by many great companies today for backend projects. The main focus of Go is to simplify coding and make things easier for developers. 

The ease in syntax keeps this programming language simple and fast to write in. This provides an improved runtime efficiency and decrease in runtime errors.

Companies Using Go

Companies using Go: Dailymotion, Uber, Twitch, Google logos

The programming language Go was created by Google and is still used by many companies for its ease in readability, efficiency, and stability. Some of these companies include:

Even though Go was mainly designed for cloud-based programming, it is used for many other reasons by the companies, such as backend development and game development.

Why Hire a Go Developer

Benefits for hiring a Go developer lies in the simplicity and the efficiency of the language. The ease in reading the language decrease the possibility of making errors while coding. The simplicity also allows the developers to work in a fast-paced manner and deliver the projects as quickly as possible, which is always great for businesses. If the projects are finished quickly, the companies can revise and fix the mistakes in a shorter time and invest the time into other aspects of the project at hand.

Go is now considered one of the most used back-end development languages. It has become very useful and effective in the past years that it is now used as much as Python and JavaScript.

Many companies now hire Go developers to modernize their sites with outdated coding structures or languages. It is always a good idea to keep up with advancements for companies to reach out to a greater audience.

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What to Expect from a Go Developer

Knowledge: The coding language Go provides scalability as a simple language but a developer also must be able to write clean and scalable programs and Go packages. They must have a strong foundation of data structures and algorithms.

Experience: the Go developer to be hired must have collected a portfolio in which Go is used in many of their projects. The fluency with the language can be scaled by looking at the success of the projects a developer has delivered.

Debugging skills: Since Go is a backend development language, it is important to know the challenges and what causes them. The whole structure and the syntax are way more simple with Go but the developer must be careful when solving the problems.

How to Hire a Go Developer

There are many ways to hire a Go developer. Creating a job advertisement on career-based platforms such as Linkedin is a way to go. If you are looking for a React developer with years of experience and a built portfolio, check out our Hire a Go Developer page, and for more info contact us.