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Next.js 12 is Now Released by Vercel

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Next.js is a Java framework that makes sure that the developers can build user-friendly websites. It is built with JavaScript, Babel, and webpack. It is usually used to build a static webpage or application.

There are many benefits to using Next.js and it is being updated regularly by the Vercel team.

The new release that has been announced at Next.js Conference is considered to be "the biggest release ever".

What's new

With the new release, many drastic changes have been made for the developers. Here are the highlights:


Middleware is software that enables communication between the operating system and the applications that run on it.

The team introduced Middleware to give the developers a full sense of flexibility since it allows them to prioritize and use code over configuration. Now the developer can edit the response by rewriting or redirecting before the request is completed.

Rust compiler

With the new release, the new Rust compiler that is built on SWC now allows the Next.js applications to work faster. The speed of refresh of bundling and compiling is increased by 3 times and the speed of building and production for developing is increased by 5 times.

There are other benefits that help the developing process easier and faster. Some of them are including large databases in their speed performance, the ability to observe easily, and numerous progress for to webpack.

React 18

The plan for React 18 has been explained by the React team and they have been working on it for a few months now. It hasn't been launched yet but since the plan has been announced, the Next.js team calls their new features that work with React 18 to be experimental.

The new Suspense feature of React 18 made the Next.js team come up with ideas such as using server-side streaming and React Server Components. The users will have to enable these new features, they will have to use experimental flags with a line of code.

Other features

The improvements don't end here yet. Some of the other features include:

  • Importing URLs

  • Preventing web crawlers from indexing loading states

  • Optimization of the images to enable them to be 20% smaller

  • The transition from webpack 4 to webpack 5.

  • and more.

The rest of the features and more are explained in the blog post for the announcement. With all of these changes, the Next.js team has been of great help to the developers. It helps the developers to have a simplified experience and helps them build their products easily. With the release of React 18, we expect new updates to arrive, too.