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Remote Work and Why it is Better

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Remote companies are getting more and more popular after the companies demand the employees to “return” to work. As a company with employees working fully remote, we love what we do, and here is why.

What is remote work?

A remote business is an organization or a company in which the employees work from home or wherever they wish to work from. It’s usually home. There is no traditional office environment. All business and business-related meetings, files, and more happen in the virtual realm. 

Benefits of working with a remote company

One of the many reasons people want to work with a remote company is because remote companies tend to work for productivity. It is not about working more but working smarter. Getting to do many things in way less time is a huge bonus both for the company and the employees. This tweet and this thread by Chris Herd summarise it all and even more but we'll get into details here.

Chris Herd's tweet about the benefits of remote work


As a developer or a designer, time is the most important thing, since both of these professions are project-based and require a certain time to get things done. When the employees are not forced to be somewhere and get to choose their own place to work in, they get to have the flexibility to spend their own time in the way that they choose and finish projects centered around deadlines rather than constantly working shifts. Some employees are more prone to constant effort whereas most of them are based on energy spikes where they get most of the work done and remote work can provide the required type of working style for both of the employees.

Another focal point is to see that most meetings are what takes time in office environments. With the developed tools that can be used in the last year or so due to the Covid outbreak, now the meetings can be done through our computers. It is now also believed by many companies that the most “meeting-worthy” conversations can be done through written text and is much faster.


The fact that there won’t be any (or some) commuting necessary to get things done will save lots of time too. The employees will have a life outside of work, which will increase productivity through the happiness of the employees. 

A study that has been done for 9 months over 16,000 workers shows that working from home has increased productivity and happiness by 13%. The happier the employees are, the faster the issues will get solved and focus is maintained. 


All companies have a budget that they have to follow to sift through the problems and be able to fix them within that given budget. If there is no office environment where the company will have to provide lots of different types of equipment and new bills, it will be benefiting both the company and the employees, too. The money that was going to be spent on the office materials and equipment is going to be spent on the tools to be used by the employees. It will increase the quality of the work as well as make the right decision on where to invest and use that budget for the better of the company. 

Having a fully remote company shows that the owner knows where to direct the energy and use it wisely. 

Challenges of working with remote companies

A group of people working in an office

Even though we see working remotely to be the best way to go we believe it is a must to talk about the challenges, too, as sometimes the disadvantages might outweigh the advantages for some of our readers.

Different time zones

Having to work with people from different time zones might affect the time-specific projects and can create confusion. There are employees that work with 12 hours of difference with the company, which might decrease the productivity to some level at the start since the employee will have to adjust their lives around the work schedule. If we continue with our 12-hour difference example, it means that time and day will have to switch places for the employee. Unless the company works with time-specific daily tasks, only then it is not a problem for the employee to set their life around work. 

Asynchronous collaboration

The meetings are to be held nevertheless because even though remote companies show that most things can be done through written conversations, some things are meant to be talked about with the team. Having to make people come to the virtual meetings is harder to be with them in the same environment and call them in. As having an always-stable internet connection can be hard for some employees, it is also a factor to consider that things might have to work asynchronously.

If, however, the company is willing to work asynchronously, as the projects might be fully deadline-based, it can be even considered not a problem at all.

Remote vs Office: which one to choose?

When all of the benefits and challenges come into play, which of these working environments would work for collaborating with a company to work with your own business?

Why choose a remote company over a local one?

As a software company, we choose to have a remote company, as the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Having the materials documented through files as they should be sent to one another between the employees to complete a project gives a better understanding of the development of each project. It is a useful way to be able to identify the problems and solve them the next time the team faces them.

As the world is changing due to the Covid outbreak more and more people are realizing the gems hidden in remote work. Remote companies can be a great and productive choice for software development, and many other sectors, too. 

To learn more about the way we work as a remote company and to let us help you make your projects come true, you can contact us and we’ll build, program, develop together.