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With the growing need for more productivity for developers and the organizational skills of the teams, the business world has started to need more tools to work with. Some companies have gone fully remote without going back to the office after the pandemic, which has born a new need for communication tools as well as the most used tools that the developers use.

A development tool is a computer program that helps the developers create code, debug, maintain, and other processes on applications, operating systems, websites, and more. The main objective of a development tool is to help the developer be as quick and productive for the project they are working on.

The first thing a developer will want to have as a tool is to have a project management tool to plan their project to start executing. Next, they will need tools for writing the code, managing APIs, maintaining, etc. We, as a team, choose to use these tools for our projects and team.

Project Management Tools


It is a tool that organizes your projects into boards and cards and keeps things collected. It is useful for due dates, tasks, assigning people to certain projects. Our CEO likes to use it as it gives him the chance to see where everyone is with their work without having to check on them with every step that is taken. It helps with the speed of work-related communication faster and is a great tool for managing.


Another important tool that is becoming more and more popular around the world, especially after the quarantine phase, where we needed to communicate through our devices only.

Slack is a tool that lets the team have their conversations through texts, calls, and sending files. There are different workplaces with channels that are separated. For example, if you are a developer, being in the marketing channel of the company wouldn’t be particularly helpful for you.

With the ability to set times and check when the employees are working, it is a great tool for managers to see the hours worked. Since remote work is more on the rise nowadays, it is a great tool for keeping up with the team remotely.

Github Issues

When it comes down to the task that only the developers focus on, Github Issues is a great place to start working with. There are many features in this tool that can help the developers, such as using only a keyboard to work with, listing the issues for the whole development team to see, rank, sort, and filter.

All is done by creating issues, dividing them into tasks, and working with your team. It is also customizable with the code that you write so it gives full flexibility for organizing.

Development Tools


Insomnia is an API building and testing tool for developers. Sending API requests is even easier when using this tool. It is usually compared with another API testing tool, Postman, but we believe Insomnia to be more lightweight. Many people believe the user interface to be more cleaner and minimalistic. The workflow is also easier when set in the right way, too.


Polypane is an amazing browser created for developers. The feature that allows to see and create several "panes" is highly useful for being able to see everything at once. All the created panes work synchronously, which saves lots of time, and even up to 5 times faster than a normal browser a developer would use for their projects. It is a great tool since it helps the developers with finding the issues before the users find them.

Visual Code Studio

This one is usually known by anyone who is into coding. This tool is one of the most popular tools for programmers. It is to actually write the code and work on your projects. Since it is highly customizable, it is preferred by many users.

There are many extensions plug-ins that help the developer experience easier as it helps them build faster.


TablePlus is a database tool that allows users to control, edit, browse their databases with a structure that looks like a spreadsheet. With multi-step authentication, the data is protected well. Since it is built natively, it adds up to the safety and also the speed. The customizable feature also brings a dark theme for users to use. Besides exporting and importing databases, it is also possible to edit the databases with an inline structure.


Having a tool specific for apps is also important for a developer. It is capable of analyzing and modernizing the data infrastructures of the users. The ability to choose between a cloud or self-managed database also gives the users flexibility. It can be worked on for Android and IOS devices, as well as web apps. The built-in features include assigning data to a location and having an intuitive data model.

We use the most modern and high-function tools to develop our websites and apps. These are our most trusted tools, however, we tend to keep ourselves up-to-date and use tools that will give the best performance to our projects. If you have an idea or projects that you'd like to work on, you can contact us and we'd be happy to help you build your projects.